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PCB manufacturer China:Immersion Silver Surface Finish Process

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PCB manufacturer china knows that, the immersion Silver Surface Finish Process:

The immersion silver surface finish involves some steps. You will have to go through this step to coat your PCB with immersion silver:


The first thing you need to do is to remove oxidation and dust residues on the PCB. By doing this, you are preparing the PCB for the process. Also, wet the surface to remove air trapped in the plated-through holes.


This is the next step after cleaning the PCB.  Micro-etching helps to modify the copper surface. Also, you create the liquid bath by using sulfuric acid.


This stage involves immersing the PCB into acid. Pre-dip helps to prepare the copper surface for the coating process. Also, this can help to minimize the chances of oxidation.

Immersion Silver

Here, you will minimize copper metal by the silver. This will help to create a silver layer. You have to carry out this process slowly. This will help to create a consistent and uniform silver deposit layer.


In the stage, an antioxidant organic compound is generously applied on the board. Furthermore, this prevents oxidation.

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