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Celebrating the Establishment of SUNLYNN CIRCUITS(THAILAND)

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Ladies and gentlemen,
We are thrilled to announce today that

 SunLynn Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been

 officially established!

Now, let's address a key question: 

What is the significance of this business registration? 

Allow me to explain.

Our overseas orders currently constitute 40% of our total business volume, and we are proud to hold the prestigious status of an "AEO advanced certification enterprise."

Furthermore, we have recently been honored as an "

Excellent Director Unit" by the Customs Association.

However, when it comes to customs clearance,

expedience is paramount, especially in international markets.



Sun and Lynn Circuit's decision to invest in establishing a factory overseas represents a significant stride towards global expansion, enabling us to further 

enhance our international market share. 

We have three manufacturing bases in  Shenzhen, Zhuhai City  Guangdong Province, and Jiangxi Ganzhou, Now we have total 5,000 employees. We kept 10% annual growth rate since 2004. The sales revenue of last year is 2.48 Billion RMB, it is ranks 12th among the top 100 demestic PCB companies by CPCA, providing one-stop professional services for RPCB, HDI, Rigid-flex PCB, FPC and FPCA to our gobal customers in the fields of communication, power supply, automotive and etc.

We are confident that in the fertile business landscape of Thailand, we will witness even greater 

opportunities for growth and success!

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