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PCB supplier china tells you What is Immersion Tin

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As PCB supplier china knows that, immersion tin is a cost-effective surface finish type. PCB manufacturers utilize a thin metallic layer of tin on the copper layer of a PCB. The copper pads of immersion tin PCBs have a tin layer. Tin contains no lead. Therefore, immersion tin is an environmentally friendly option for PCB surface finish. Also, it can produce flat surfaces. The thin layer is whitish; hence, this finish is also referred to as “white tin.” Manufacturers apply immersion tin through a process known as electroless chemical bath.

Also, immersion tin prevents the copper from oxidizing. It offers oxidation protection that can last throughout the shelf life of the PCB. Immersion tin finish process requires careful handling all through the PCB assembly process. This is because this process is highly vulnerable to any damage that results from poor handling. Therefore, it is ideal to create a process that can reduce poor handling.

Immersion tin’s thickness is ≥1.0UM. Also, immersion tin is a budget-friendly option as it is less expensive than immersion gold.

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