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Leading the innovation of PCB technology with 87 patents With team of 400 engineers, we provide total PCB solution from design optimization consultant to cost-effective manufacturing

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    Files to upload gerber file, fabrication requirement, quality standard
    Quotation lead time Within 4 working hrs(working hour 8:30am to 5:30pm, GMT +8)
    where to upload file overseasales@slpcb.com
  • Standard Lead Time
    Layer Count Sample lead time Volume order lead time
    2L 4 days 10 days
    4L 5 days 11 days
    6L 6 days 12 days
    8L 8 days 14 days
    10L 10 days 16 days
    12L 12 days 18 days
    14L 14 days 20 days
    16-40L 18 days 24 days
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