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What is Immersion Silver of Multi-layer PCB

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Immersion silver is a type of surface finish used on Multi-layer PCB surfaces. Multi-layer PCB manufacturers protect the exposed copper pads with immersion silver. This material, immersion silver, is commonly used for EMI shielding and aluminum sir bonding. Also, immersion silver finish’s thickness ranges from 5 to 17 micro inches. You can store immersion silver PCB for at least 12 months under a good storage condition. It is important to solder the PCB immediately after you remove it from the storage.

Immersion silver is commonly used due to its environmentally friendly nature. For its surface treatment process, manufacturers place a thick layer on the copper surface. Therefore, this prevents the copper surface from tarnishing.

The fundamental of the immersion silver technology process is a displacement reaction. Here, silver ions remove metal copper from the surface of the PCB. Before this, the manufacturer uses a micro etching solution to roughen the copper surface. After this, a layer of immersion silver will build up with the help of a controlled speed of deposition. The deposition allows a sense of crystalline structure to build up. Therefore, this creates a layer of silver on the surface of the copper.

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