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Health care PCB:Global PCB Manufacturer TOP 10009-28-2021 03:03
Global PCB Manufacturer TOP 100
S&L visited Honeywell for business strategy 2017&201806-16-2017 10:15
As a long-term PCB partner of GE, S&L visited Honeywell on May.30 to discuss the business strategy and corporation of the new projects in 2017&2018.
New equipment enhances PCB production capability05-15-2017 03:01
To get prepared for increasing demand to production capacity and processing capability, S&L recently had lots of new equipment in place.
DJN awarded S&L for the Best Quality Performance of PCB supplier04-24-2017 11:02
DJN awarded S&L for the Best Quality Performance of PCB supplier
San Diego, another gate for S&L to the world02-18-2017 02:55
Feb.14 -16, San Diego, S&L was showcasing her advanced PCB technology.
Unilumin awards S&L as "The best partner of the year"01-07-2017 02:28
Jan.04, 2017, Sun&Lynn was awarded by Unilumin (stock code 300232 SHE) as “The best partner of the year”. Mr. JS, Xu, president of Sun&Lynn attended the awarding ceremony.
S&L's new start in Electronica 201611-21-2016 09:36
Nov.08,2016, with the grand opening ceremony of Electronica 2016 in Munich, Germany, S&L starts to present her new technologies in PCB industry.
Supply shortage of CCL stays continued and price remains high10-31-2016 08:52
Supply shortage of CCL has not been improved and price remains high. This is impacting PCB industry in terms of lead time and overall cost.
New facilities enhance S&L's production capability10-10-2016 03:27
S&L has set of new facilities in production run to enhance her capability in PCB via plugging and functional testing.
Brief introduction to PCB production process09-29-2016 10:45
A brief introduction to PCB production process presented by S&L Circuits
Hikvision awarded S&L for the best PCB quality performance09-24-2016 10:57
Hikvision awarded S&L as the best quality performance suppliers.
PCB suppliers are to increase their price09-17-2016 03:30
As the cost increase percentage from CCL manufacturers is not affordable anymore, more and more PCB suppliers announced to increase their pricing.
S&L is awarded as Green PCB manufacturer for the year of 201509-06-2016 02:31
Aug.30, S&L is awarded as Green PCB manufacturer for the year of 2015.
GE Energy visited S&L again08-18-2016 11:27
GCM team from GE Energy visited S&L Circuits on Aug.16 to discuss strategic cooperation.
S&L was certified by UL for her rigid-flex PCB products08-03-2016 01:39
July.26 2016, S&L was certified by UL for her rigid-flex PCB products.
See how S&L PCB powers up you UAV07-13-2016 12:08
UAV is now getting more popular and making our life colorful and joyful. Now S&L contributes her high performance PCB to one of the primary UAV innovation companies.
S&L jumped to No.28 of top 100 PCB manufacturers 201507-12-2016 02:01
With rapid growth in recent years, S&L jumped to No.28 of top 100 PCB manufacturers 2015.
Philips visited PCB manufacturer S&L for long term strategic partnership06-28-2016 11:41
Philips supply chain team visited PCB manufacturer S&L on May.24 to discuss long term strategic partnership for PCB supply.
Palpilot visited S&L to discuss PCB business opportunity05-24-2016 11:58
Palpilot visited S&L on May.06 to discuss PCB business opportunity.
Jabil to visit S&L to discuss new projects07-18-2016 11:34
Jabil to visit S&L to discuss new projects
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