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[Global presence]Rigid flex PCB:How does intelligent wearable medical equipment monitor heart rate?[ 03-20-2020 10:18 ]
As an important medium of intelligent medical treatment, the explosive growth of intelligent bracelet in recent days has increasingly narrowed the direct distance between health-grade and medical-grade medical devices. Heart rate monitoring, which was originally a professional diagnosis, has also moved from hospitals to families. Health care PCB:So intelligent bracelet monitoring heart rate is unreliable? What principle does it use to carry out such professional work?
[Global presence]Health care PCB:Difficulties Behind the Development of Wearable Medical Equipment Market[ 03-13-2020 14:17 ]
Currently, there are more than 100 brands searching for wearable products such as wearable watches and bracelets on e-commerce platforms. The latest report released by IDC, a market research institution, shows that the global wearable device shipment volume reached 11.4 million units in the first quarter of this year, up 200% year on year, achieving an increase for the eighth consecutive quarter. However, currently wearable medical equipment basically stays in the health management of peripheral
[Global presence]Metal core PCB:Is infrared thermometer harmful to human body?[ 03-06-2020 14:49 ]
The working principle of the infrared thermometer is that when the infrared thermal radiation of the human body is focused on the detector, the detector converts the radiation power into an electrical signal, which is displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for the ambient temperature, so the infrared thermometer does not emit infrared rays to the human body, but receives the infrared thermal radiation emitted by our body, which is harmless to our eyes and body.
[Global presence]Flexible PCB manufacturer:Can the QR code be used up?[ 02-28-2020 14:33 ]
Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy and the rapid improvement of science and technology, mobile electronic equipment has gradually entered thousands of households. Flexible PCB manufacturer learned that at present, with the popularity of mobile electronic devices, mobile payment is rising continuously. However, many people cannot help but worry that the world consumes tens of billions of QR codes every day. What if they run out?
[Global presence]PCB factory china:The latest black technology can turn skin seconds into touch screens.[ 02-22-2020 11:50 ]
The FPC manufacturer learned from foreign media reports that researchers at the University of Sal in Germany recently developed a new electronic tattoo SkinMarks. Although this tattoo looks the same as ordinary tattoos, users can flexibly control electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers by sliding their fingers on its surface. The skin pasted with this tattoo is like a touch screen.