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Leading the innovation of PCB technology with 82 patents With team of 400 engineers, we provide total PCB solution from design optimization consultant to cost-effective manufacturing

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Quick Facts About S&L

Sun&Lynn Circuits Co., Ltd.

●Extensive PCB products include rigid, HDI, flexible, rigid-flex and metal core,
  we provide total solution to deverse markets including telecom & networking,
  automotive electronic, industrial, medical, security,
  new energy & power supply, Intelligent device.
●US$365 million - revenue in 2020
●US$10 million spent on environment protection

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S&L visited Honeywell for business strategy 2017&2018

As a long-term PCB partner of GE, S&L visited Honeywell on May.30 to discuss the business strategy and corporation of the new projects in 2017&2018.MoreInfo

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