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What Should You Know about Metal Core PCB?

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MetalCorePCB vs. Standard PCB


In this section, we will draw a comparison between the MCPCB and Standard PCB.


Standard PCB has a low thermal conductivity that is around 0.3W.  Whereas MCPCB has a higher thermal conductivity which ranges from 1-2W.


Plated Through Holes
In standard PCBs, we often have to use plated through holes.  However, we don’t necessarily need them in MCPCB.


Thermal Relief or Heat Dissipation
We have to use vias for heat dissipation in standard PCB.  This means that there are longer drill cycles and additional processes.  However, MCPCB doesn’t require via drilling, plating or deposition processes.  This is because the metal core allows for efficient thermal relief and heat dissipation.


Solder Mask
The solder mask is usually of dark colors in standard PCB.  So, the colors are usually black, green, blue, and red.  Hence, we apply the solder mask on the top and bottom.  On the other hand, in MCPCB, we apply the solder mask to the top only and it is generally white in color.


Standard PCBs have a wide range of thicknesses available due to their use of layer mounts and various material combinations.  However, the thickness variation in MCPCB is usually limited because of the available dielectric sheet thicknesses and backing plate thicknesses.


Machining Process
Standard PCBs use conventional machining processes such as routing, countersink, drilling, and v-scoring.  However, we need a diamond-coated saw blade for the v-scoring of MCPCB.  This is because cutting of metals requires sharp tools.


Applications of Metal Core PCB

Metal core PCBs are popular because of their excellent performance and are widely used in various industries:


LED Lights: MCPCBs are often suited for such applications which generate a large amount of heat that we can’t eliminate using conventional fans.  We often find MCPCBs in LED technologies because they allow us to reduce the number of LEDs required for producing a certain amount of illumination and reduce the amount of generated heat.


Automobile: Automotive power conditioners, ignitions, swap converters, variable optics, etc. all use metal PCBs.


Power Supply Devices: Power converters, switching regulators, high-density power conversion, and other equipment require the use of metal core PCBs.


Military and Aerospace: The PCBs in military and aerospace applications must withstand extreme temperatures, thermal cycling, and moisture.  Additionally, they have to endure frequent mechanical shocks.  Hence, we use a metal core PCB because they meet these service requirements and allow for greater structural integrity.  The high thermal conductivity of MCPCB makes sure the uniform temperature distribution on these boards.  So, they are better able to withstand thermal cycling and hence prevent the formation of hot spots near active components.


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