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PCB factory china:4 Tips on How to Design PCBs for High Currents

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PCBfactorychina learned that,for PCBs used for different applications, the maximum current allowed to flow through is different.  

Usually, the expected current of a PCB is within 10A.What's more, the PCB current for consumer electronics is usually within 2A.



However, FlexiblePCBmanufacturer learned that,industrial, automotive, and other high-power applications require high currents to flow through PCB traces.


high current PCB


How do you design PCB trace widths and copper thickness for large-current applications?What is the relationship between trace width and PCB current?Any tips for high-current PCB design?


Here are 4 tips for high-current PCB design:


Increasing the trace width and copper thickness.

Choosing high thermal conductivity materials such as metal and ceramic for the PCB substrate.

Using binding posts (also known as terminals) on the PCB.

Inlaying copper busbars in the PCB substrate material.

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