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Sun&Lynn High frequency PCB factory 2024 Nepcon Japan Electronics Show successfully concluded!

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From January 24 to 26, 2024, the 3-day Nepcon Japan Electronics Show will be held at Ariake International Exhibition Center in Tokyo, Japan



As a comprehensive exhibition of "electronics R&D, manufacturing and packaging technology", NEPCON JAPAN has been growing with the development of the electronics industry in Japan and Asia for more than 30 years. The exhibition consists of 7 professional exhibitions including "Electronic Products Manufacturing Equipment and Components Technology Exhibition", "Electronic Parts Testing Equipment and Development Technology Exhibition", "Electronic Parts Packaging Equipment and development Technology Exhibition", "Printed Circuit Exhibition", "Electronic Components and Materials Exhibition", "Precision Machining Technology Exhibition", etc. It is a comprehensive exhibition that truly represents the Asian electronics industry.


This year,Sun&Lynn HighfrequencyPCB factory is still wonderful appearance

The exhibition site was crowded and lively



The sales team and technical experts of the Japanese branch of Sun&Lynn  brought high-end PCB, HDI, FPC and soft and hard combined products in communication, automotive, medical, security and other fields to bring more innovation and product solutions to the exhibition.

Sun&Lynn PCBsupplier carefully prepared, attracted many important and well-known Japanese customers flocked to, deep connection professional team with full enthusiasm and serious attitude, to peer leaders, partners to show the company's latest products and technology dynamics, and conducted in-depth exchanges.


Although the exhibition has ended, but the Sun&Lynn PCB factory's enthusiasm has not faded, thank all the participants, we will continue to full of enthusiasm, professional technology, for the world's electronic information industry to provide high quality circuit boards and timely, satisfactory service, the next exhibition we see each other!

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