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Metal core PCB:Is infrared thermometer harmful to human body?

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    The working principle of the infrared thermometer is that when the infrared thermal radiation of the human body is focused on the detector, the detector converts the radiation power into an electrical signal, which is displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for the ambient temperature, so the infrared thermometer does not emit infrared rays to the human body, but receives the infrared thermal radiation emitted by our body, which is harmless to our eyes and body.

    It's time for children to get vaccinated. Do you want to get vaccinated? It is suggested that parents should pay attention to the work arrangement of local vaccination clinics, communicate the specific situation of their children with vaccination doctors, and make separate appointments and separate vaccinations. The first dose of hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccine for newborns should be completed in time in midwifery institutions in accordance with the national immunization program.

    If the mother is positive for hepatitis B surface antigen, the second and third shots of the newborn are recommended to be vaccinated in time after making an appointment with the vaccination unit. Rabies and tetanus are two vaccines used for post-exposure prevention and must be vaccinated in a timely manner according to vaccination procedures.


    If there is a community-spread epidemic in the community, the vaccination of vaccines other than the four vaccines mentioned just now can be suspended, and attention should be paid to timely replanting after the community epidemic is over. If there is no epidemic spread in the community, vaccination can be selected according to the requirements of the local health department, disease control and prevention institutions and the arrangement of vaccination units.

    Children and parents should be well protected during vaccination, wear masks, try not to touch some hospital articles, pay attention to hand hygiene, avoid rubbing eyes, nose and mouth with hands, and clean hands in time.

    How should babies be protected? Because babies cannot wear masks, it is easy to cause breathing difficulties and even the risk of suffocation, so babies should try to avoid going out. Metal core PCB think,the protection of infants is mainly passive protection, which relies on the protection of parents, family members and caregivers to indirectly protect children. In order to reduce the risk of infant infection as much as possible during the epidemic period, a caregiver can be relatively fixed. The caregiver should not go out as much as possible. First, he should wear a mask and second, he should not sneeze or exhale at the child.

    Carers should wash their hands when touching children's toys, tableware and daily necessities, or before communicating and playing with children. Don't share tableware with your child, don't blow food with your mouth when feeding your child, and don't try and chew food with your mouth before feeding your child.

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