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PCB supplier China:The Apple Vision Pro AR and VR headset is a reality

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PCBsupplierChina learned that,after years of rumors, leaks, and speculation, Apple has finally unveiled the Vision Pro, its first AR and VR headset.



The announcement came as the 'One more thing' of Apple's WWDC 2023 event, at which it also unveiled a new 15-inch MacBook Air, new features coming with iOS 17, and a new M2 Ultra processor, among other reveals.


Vision Pro release date: Sometime "early next year" according to Apple.


PCBmanufacturerChina learned that,Vision Pro headset price: Starts at $3,499 (around £2,800 / AU$5,300).


Vision Pro headset specs: Apple's headset uses two chipsets, an M2 and a new R1 to handle regular software and its XR capabilities respectively. It also has dual 4K displays.


Vision Pro headset design: The Vision Pro has a similar design to other VR headsets, with a front panel that covers your eyes, and an elastic strap. One change from the norm is that it has an outer display to show the wearer's eyes.


Vision Pro headset battery life: It lasts for up to two hours on a full charge using the official external battery pack.


Vision Pro headset controllers: There are no controllers – instead you'll use your eyes, hands, and voice to control its visionOS software.


As for release date for the Vision Pro, Apple has only given a vague “early next year.” PCfactoryChina learned that, with leaks suggesting it would launch in the next few months – perhaps around the same time as the iPhone 15.


Interestingly, Apple's website only mentions a US release. Apple has yet to confirm if the Vision Pro will launch in regions outside of the US, and when that'll happen.

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