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S&L Circuits Flex rigid PCB manufacturer has been awarded the National Intellectual Property Managem

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Recently, S&L Circuit FlexrigidPCB manufacturer has successfully passed 

the GB/T 29490-2013

Intellectual Property Management System Certification

and obtained the certificate


This marks the company's recognition in the standardization of intellectual property management and standardized operation, which further enhances its market competitiveness.



What is intellectual property management system certification?

PCBsupplier China talk "Intellectual property management system certification" is a higher level of qualification of intellectual property management system in China, and is also a very high enterprise honor. It is formulated by the State Intellectual Property Office, approved and promulgated by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and the State Standardization Administration, and is an important reference condition for the establishment of scientific and technological projects, the recognition of high-tech enterprises, and the recognition of intellectual property demonstration enterprises and advantageous enterprises.


Why do companies need certification?


Advantage 1

Enhance the technological innovation ability of enterprises

Advantage 2

Improve enterprise risk response ability

Advantage 3

Consolidate the enterprise's competitive position in the market

Advantage 4

One of the reference conditions for matters such as the recognition of advantageous enterprises



About us


Founded in 2002, S&L Circuit深联电路) has been focusing on PCB R&D and manufacturing for 21 years, providing customers with optimized design PCB solutions at Design in stage, 8 international system certifications, national high-tech enterprise, 18 national invention patents, 70 utility model patents, and effective optimization of product structure.



Passing the certification of intellectual property management system this time affirms the company's intellectual property management level, marking the company's step up to a new level in the standardized management of intellectual property, intellectual property utilization, intellectual property protection and other aspects.

PCBmanufacturerChina  will take this opportunity to promote independent innovation to strengthen the effective protection of core technologies, enhance the awareness of researchers of intellectual property protection and rights protection, and continuously improve the standardized management level of intellectual property rights to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and to inject strong momentum into the research and development of enterprises and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.



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