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Great 2023, to 2024 | look back on the S&L PCB manufacturer China this year

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Carrying joy, happiness, effort and struggle

Looking back on the year:

There is the hardship of struggle

There are cheers of success

The joy of harvest



Let's look back at some beautiful moments of Sun&Lynn深联电路PCBmanufacturerChina 2023




National certification! Congratulations to the Sun&Lynn again won the high-tech enterprise certification!




Sun&Lynn  won the title of Zhanggong District high quality development industry doubling and upgrading excellent enterprise!


Good news again! Sun&Lynn  won the title of Outstanding unit of scientific and technological innovation in Zhanggong District in 2022!



The Sun&Lynn  was identified by "Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center"



2022 China Circuit (CPCA) Top 100 ranking Sun&Lynn  ranking 12!


Sun&Lynn  once again won the "Shenzhen Famous Brand" award!



Sun&Lynn  won the honorary title of "Excellent Governing unit" of Customs Association!



Sun&Lynn  won the 2022 outstanding contribution enterprise of Shajing Street!


Sun&Lynn won the seventh batch of national green factory!



Sun&Lynn  won the national intellectual property Management system certification!



Sun&Lynn  ranked 47th in 2022NTI worldwide!



Sun&Lynn  won the green manufacturing and environmental protection excellent enterprise for 9 consecutive years!


Warmly congratulate Jiangxi Sun&Lynn on winning the honorary title of "2023 Special Contribution Enterprise"!



Sun&Lynn  once again become Shenzhen Baoan District Shajing Street Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) member units!


PCBsupplier  said

Every cause

Regardless of size

It's all about being down to earth,

It dries out little by little,

Struggle is not just a loud slogan,

It's about doing the little things right,

Complete each task,

Perform every duty in the spirit


Looking back on a special enough year,

Happiness and sorrow interwoven growth.

In the day-to-day exchange of gains and losses,

Never give up the Sun&Lynn  FPC manufacturer into the New Year!


Farewell to 2023

Outlook 2024

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