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FPC supplier tells you the advantages of AOI

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FPC supplier tells you the advantages of AOI:

(1) Save manpower and reduce labor costs;

(2) Increase production efficiency and increase production capacity;

(3) Unified testing standards, no difference due to different line types;

(4) Timely feedback and statistics of production problems;

(5) Collect testing data, provide process analysis, and strengthen process capability;

(6) Improve the yield rate of warehousing products.

3. Location

(1) After the placement machine is used: it can effectively prevent the missing, polarity, displacement, tombstone, reverse, etc. of the components.

(2) Use after reflow soldering: Located at the end of the production line, the inspection system can check the missing, offset and skewed components of the components, the correctness of the solder joints and the lack of tin, solder short-circuit, lifted feet and all polarity aspects defect.


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