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Properties and Applications of Automotive PCB

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The Definition Of AutomotivePCB

Automotive PCBs are those PCBs applied in automotive electronic products, such as engine control, anti-lock braking system, GPS, rear view system and the, headlight and so on.Security is the most important consideration factor in the process of automotive PCB design and manufacturing.



As having more and more electronic equipment, such as head-up displays, windshield coverings, cockpit navigation systems, and other electronic equipment, we feel more relaxed when we are driving.Furthermore, we would have much higher requirements for those reliable PCBs that have no interference with other systems.


The Role of Electronic Systems in Automobiles


PCBmanufacturer talk the applications of an electronic system aim to improve the performance of the automobile, including 3 aspects: environmental improvement, safety improvement, and convenient comfort.



● Environmental improvement is saving fuel oil and reducing tail gas and fuel.Achieving the transition from gas, natural gas, and bio-fuel to hybrid and pure power.So, electric vehicles are the strategic direction in the automotive industry.

● Safety improvement aims to decrease traffic accidents, from airbags, radar monitoring, stereo camera, infrared monitoring, and automatic avoidance to automatic driving.At current, self-driving cars are attracting attention and investment from most of the world.

● Generally, considering convenience and humanity, convenience and comfort took root in radio, video display, air conditioning, computer, mobile communications, Internet, navigation and electronic charges, etc.


The Function Of PCB In The Automobile Industry

With the automobile industry gradually improving technology and walking in innovation, currently, some applications in automobiles are based on electronic monitoring to guarantee they can operate normally.


Automotive PCB or electronic monitoring circuits can provide reliable and high-quality performance.They also provide control systems for these problems, such as pollution, fuel economy and safety regulations and so on.PCB lays the foundations of all kinds of electronic components and technology for interconnecting cars.


Performance Properties of Automotive PCBs



As the combination of machinery and electronic equipment, old and traditional technology with the newest science technology combined with each other by modern automobile technology, different parts in the modern automobile depend on electronic equipment with different functions to bring different missions for PCB application.


There are inorganic ceramic PCB and organic resin PCB according to the difference between automobile PCB-based materials.The main feature of ceramic PCBs is high thermal conductivity and excellent dimensional stability.Usually, they are applied in an engine system in a high-heat environment.But, poor manufacturability of ceramic PCB causes high costs during the whole PCB manufacturing process.With the growth of newly developed resin substrates which have much higher thermal conductivity, resin substrates are mainly used in most modern cars.


The Application Of Automobile PCB

Audio and video equipment of automobiles need printed circuit boards.And automobile PCB is suitable for global positional systems or GPS.Besides, other applications also need PCB, which includes an anti-lock braking system, communication equipment, power converter, engine coolant level monitor, engine timing system, LED braking lamp, distribution junction box, remote diagnosis system, safety system, transmission sensor, etc.So, it can be said that PCB is regarded as the backbone of the electrical system in the application.


The following lists are the main application of automobile PCB:


● GPS sets and ECU modules.

● Displays(number) and transmission sensor.

● Radar systems and audio and stereo components.

● AC/DC converter and engine control.

● Engine timing system and LED system.

● Occupant detector and switchboard.


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