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Why Metal core PCBnecessary for PCB circuit boards?

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What is MetalcorePCB?

Metal Core PCB is a type of PCB that uses a metal core to provide mechanical strength and conductivity.  It’s made of aluminium, copper alloy and other conductive metals.  It is used in high-temperature applications like power LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that are used in lighting circuits and fluorescent lamps.



It is mainly used in power supplies, computer motherboards and other electronic components.  The best part is that it can have up to 500 volts or more applied across its surface which makes it good at dissipating heat from electrical devices so they run cooler and last longer than their air-filled counterparts.


PCBmanufacturerChina talk Metal core PCB is also used in high-frequency circuits because they require less time to heat up than regular boards do.  The reason behind this is that when you have metal on your circuit board, there are no traces at all;  so instead of having lots of wires going through them like we’d see on a normal circuit board with copper traces running through it all over, only one wire goes through each hole which makes them smaller than what we might find on more traditional types such as FR4 epoxy boards or even printed circuits!


Why Metal core PCBnecessary for PCB circuit boards?

Metal core PCB is a type of PCB circuit board with surface mount technology (SMT), which is used in electronic and electrical devices to increase their accuracy, reliability, durability and performance.  A metal core is a material substrate with a core made of copper, aluminium and plated through holes in each printed layer to connect the network with other electrical components.



In short, it costs less and has better functionality than its FR4 based counterparts.  There are many benefits, such as better efficiency in terms of power consumption value.  Moreover, it can get a good heat dissipation system with it.


The majority of industries currently employ it as a PCB circuit board material.  To increase production efficiency and improve the performance and quality of PCB circuit board manufacturing, numerous new varieties of PCB are now being created.  One of the simplest ways to assemble a PCB is using a metal core PCB.

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