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Multi-Layer PCB:What is Via06-15-2021 08:47
A via is used to make an electrical connection between the layers of a Multi-Layer PCB.
High frequency PCB factory: Category of Rigid FR4 PCB06-09-2021 08:18
Regarding Rigid FR4 PCB in high frequency PCB factory, it could be categorised in three types according the layer counts.
FPC supplier :What Are The Causes Of False Welding And Cold Welding06-08-2021 05:14
What Are The Causes Of False Welding And Cold Welding
Five golden rules of PCB design in FPC manufaturer’s factory.06-07-2021 06:53
Although the current level of semiconductor integration is getting higher and higher, many applications also have system-on-chips available at any time, and many powerful and out-of-the-box development boards are also more and more easily available, but many use cases in electronic products The application still needs to use a custom PCB.
5G saved PCB in Flexible PCB supplier china ?06-05-2021 05:17
5G saved PCB Flexible PCB supplier china? Circuit board supply chain says epidemic does not affect stable industry shipments
Do you really know V-Cut even you work at flexible PCB manufacturer?06-04-2021 05:06
Flexible PCB manufacturer’s assembly, the V-shaped dividing line between the two veneers and the veneers and the process edge, into a "V" shape; After welding, it breaks off, so it is called V-CUT.
PCB factory china: Why you need a PCB ?06-03-2021 04:17
Although a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in PCB factory china is a common term in the electrical and electronics arena, few are aware of its origins, requirements.
PCB supplier china: Huawei Technologies launches HarmonyOS06-02-2021 04:45
As PCB supplier china know that, Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co said on Tuesday that it will officially launch its in-house operating system HarmonyOS for smartphones on June 2
Sun&Lynn | Global electric vehicle sales increasing and affect Automotive PCB manufaturer06-01-2021 08:15
Global electric vehicle sales picked up speed in the first quarter, PCB manufacturer also increases sales in automotive
PCB material is an important part of PCB.05-31-2021 06:36
PCB material is an important part of PCB. It determines the PCB board performance and scope of application. Different products have different requirements on the PCB material. With the development of electronic technology, PCB material meet more and more challenges, which also push the development of copper clad laminate(CCL).
FPC manufacturer tech you how to recognize the best FPC product05-26-2021 12:29
FPC, so called flexible Printed Circuits, a flexible printed circuit board features a combination of several printed circuits as well as components that are positioned on a flexible substrate.
Development of visual inspection technology in PCB factory03-31-2021 11:59
At present, the application of machine vision technology is gradually deepening into various fields. After nearly 30 years of research and application, it greatly improved industrial production of PCB, improves the production level of intelligence and visualization, and has a considerable prospect.
Routine Recycling Technology of Waste metal core PCB03-27-2021 03:18
mechanical treatment method is a method for recycling of scrap metal-based circuit boards. The process generally includes pretreatment, crushing and separation, Specifically,
Characteristics of High frequency circuit board in PCB factory03-20-2021 03:44
Copper cladding is used to make electronic circuits,Due to the use of the circuit, input/output signal frequency, waveform, etc.,it can be made into a variety of circuits, Such as high speed circuit,
Wiring Principle of High Frequency PCB03-17-2021 03:39
The wiring principle: The knowledge of wiring is very advanced, It has some general principles 1.The wiring of high frequency digital circuits should be thinner and shorter. 2.Attention should be paid to isolation between large current signal, high voltage signal and small signal(The isolation distance is related to the degree of pressure,
The FPC supplier tells you what are the characteristics of the battery FPC03-01-2021 03:46
In some flexible battery circuits, some FPC suppliers use rigid components made of aluminum or stainless steel,it provides dimensional stability, physical support for the placement of components and conductors, and stress relief.Another material sometimes used in battery FPC that is the adhesive layer, which is formed by coating the sides of the insulating film with an adhesive.
"Softening the Hardness" Helps to Connect All Things02-04-2021 08:03
"Human-computer interaction" is a magic word, which vividly interprets the development process from the adaptation of humans to computers to the continuous adaptation of computers to humans. At present, scientists are trying to use FPC as the medium to build a communication system between people and the outside world.
Development of Flexible PCB industry in China01-27-2021 05:24
In the past ten years, China's electronic information industry has developed rapidly and its industrial scale has been continuously expanded. China has become the world's largest consumer electronics market, and the upstream and downstream industry chains have fully matched the needs of the PCB industry.
Metal core PCB:The Principle of Face Recognition06-19-2020 05:01
Face recognition is a kind of biological recognition technology based on human face information for identity recognition. In face recognition, whether there is a face is first determined. If there is, the size, location and information of each organ of the face are further given. Based on these information, the characteristics and identity of the person are further extracted and matched with the existing face for recognition.
High frequency PCB:US Enterprises to Cooperate with Huawei to Develop 5G Network Standards06-12-2020 04:59
The U.S. government confirmed on Monday that it will revise the ban on U.S. businesses from doing business with Huawei and allow it to cooperate in developing next-generation 5G network standards. FPC supplier learned that The U.S. government listed Huawei on the so-called "entity list" of the U.S. Department of Commerce last year, restricting the sale of U.S. goods and technologies to the company on grounds of national security.
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