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when designing high-frequency circuits,what’s the factors

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You must factor in various factors when designing high-frequency PCB like the Dk value, dissipation loss, and dielectric thickness. The DK value of the substrate is the essential factor to remember. Substrates with high chances for alteration of Dk values often experience impedance changes, affecting the harmonics that constitute electrical signals, resulting in low signal integrity.

The other things you should remember when selecting PCBs and connector types in high-frequency PCB are:

Dielectric loss (DF): It influences the integrity of signals. A small DF value results in minimal signal wastage.

Thermal expansion: If the heat expansion rates of the high-frequency PCB  substrates do not match, the stacked materials will separate from each other because of temperature changes.

Water absorption: High amounts of moisture or water intake hinder a board’s DK and DF properties, especially if you are using it in humid environments, like agricultural sensors.

Other resistances: The materials you use to design a high-frequency board should have higher ratings of temperature resistance, impact tolerance, and resistance to hazardous materials.


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