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5G saved PCB in Flexible PCB supplier china ?

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5G saved PCB Flexible PCB supplier china? Circuit board supply chain says epidemic does not affect stable industry shipments

Many industries and industry chains have been affected due to the new coronavirus epidemic, such as mobile phones. Due to the impact of the epidemic, iPhone production has slowed down, making shipments in the first quarter The amount will drop by about 10%. However, as Flexible PCB supplier china well know on the PCB industry side in Taiwan, according to industry insiders, despite the outbreak of new coronavirus flu, PCB shipments are still optimistic because China is actively constructing 5G infrastructure. The impact is limited.


As Flexible PCB supplier china well know ,sources commented that the consumer terminal market is volatile and the continuation of the new coronavirus epidemic will definitely curb consumer buying sentiment, which will affect shipments of products such as mobile phones, mobile devices and laptops. However, this is not the case for the 5G infrastructure market, because customers will only postpone rather than cut orders. Although shipments are not expected to rebound to normal levels in the short term, they may rebound as early as the second quarter of this year.


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