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PCB manufacturer China:Does the chassis height of pure electric vehicles affect battery safety?

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    For a fuel-powered car, the engine, chassis and gearbox are the three most important components, of which the engine is the heart of the car. But now many pure electric vehicles have appeared. These vehicles do not consume fuel, but rely on batteries to provide power. For this reason, the batteries of pure electric vehicles are the most important parts. At present, most electric vehicles place battery packs on the chassis, so will pure electric vehicles affect the safety of batteries because of the chassis height? Insiders give the answer.

    In fact, the protection of the chassis is also fully taken into account in the fuel-fired version of the car, but after buying a new car, people usually directly make a chassis armor, which can also protect the chassis to a large extent. When designing new energy vehicles, this problem was fully considered, except that it did not use chassis armor, but a chassis protective shell.


    No matter what kind of pure electric vehicle it is, there will be a protective cover outside the battery. The outer cover is not only to protect the battery, but also has some functions of heat dissipation and heat management inside. Therefore, the protective measures for the battery are more and more in place for each large vehicle enterprise. Even if it is placed in the chassis, the chassis height will not affect the safety of the battery as long as it is not very extreme.

    However, for pure electric vehicles with low chassis, it is not recommended to run on some rotten roads. Because if the passing ability is not high, it is easy to cause problems and is suitable for flat roads. As for those cars with batteries installed on the chassis and inside the car, there are also strong protection measures around the batteries. A slight touch and knock on the batteries will be fine.

    Therefore, PCB manufacturer China think that,the impact of chassis height on car batteries cannot be said to be totally absent, but it has not yet reached the point where an accident will occur at the touch of the chassis. And with the continuous development of automobile technology, battery performance and protective measures are developing in a better and better direction and will not regress.

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