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What is a Microvia for Health care PCB

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Most health Care PCBs now days are multi-layer boards. Vias are used to make connections between each layer of the printed circuit board. Microvias, as the name suggests are the smallest vias/holes with the size equal to or less than 150 microns, drilled in a health care PCB board using a laser. These vias usually only connect one layer of the board to its adjacent layer and have a very small diameter in comparison to the mechanically drilled vias such as PTH (Plated Through Hole).

These vias lower the possibility of any type of manufacturing defect since they are drilled using lasers which mitigates the chances of any residue left after the process. Because of their small size and ability to connect one layer to the next they enable denser printed circuit boards with more complex designs.

Microvias are of two types, Stacked and Staggered. 


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