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Flexible PCB supplier china:PCB Custom Thickness

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PCBs are available in readymade sheets and sizes. More often than not, Flexible PCB supplier china has the PCB of your preferred thickness in stock or can quickly obtain it. But did you know that you can specify your PCB thickness? 

The thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 6.3mm in hundredths of millimeter increments. Yes, you read that right! There are two-layer PCBs that are as thin as 0.2mm! As PCB thickness options appear on the specification tab of your designer’s PCB workspace, all you have to do is select the custom thickness option. 

This prevents your design from being panelized by other designs. Therefore, minimum PCB area charges will apply. When creating custom thickness, the PCB fab starts with a set of common core and prepreg thicknesses, then combines them in the necessary sequence, along with copper foil, solder mask, and copper plating thickness to reach the desired final thickness.

However, custom thickness is only specific to your PCB, and it will be designed only for you. By stating your thickness preference, Flexible PCB supplier china will let you know whether the design is possible.


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